About Us

About Us

The Name:

We at Nimrod Apparel Company have a special place in our heart for the MP5. We wanted to dedicate our company name to one of the most famous uses of the MP5 - Operation Nimrod.

The Operation:

On May 5th, 1980, British Special Air Service raided the Iranian Embassy in South Kensington, London after 6 armed Iranian gunmen stormed the embassy and took 26 people hostage 6 days earlier. The SAS operators managed to exterminate 5 of the terrorists, and captured one alive. This operation would live on to represent the capabilities of not only the SAS, but the MP5 as well.

The Logo:

Our logo was created out of inspiration from the gear that the SAS operatives famously wore during Operation Nimrod. The Operatives wore gas masks to maintain crew protection and orientation in the event that they had to use CS gas to apprehend the terrorists.









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